2016 Summer at KCM

… an ideal time and place to break new ground in the creative world of music. We have something for everyone! Try a new instrument, discover the thrills and skills of ensemble experience, step out onto the musical theatre stage, or introduce little ones to the wonder of music. Our goal for your musical summer is to engage, excite and inspire!


Private Instruction

Keep musically fit through the summer, or break new ground with a new instrument.


Music Theory

Fast-track classes prepare for RCM exams.


Triple-Threat Arts Discovery Camp

Discover a new world of self-expression through music, art, drama!


Suzuki/Traditional Strings Camp

A brilliant mix of private and group classes, Orff/Kodaly, hand drumming and folk dance.


Kingsway Chamber Music Festival - Summer '16

Private coaching, ensembles, orchestra, guest artists, specialty workshops & performances.


Musical Theatre Camp

Full-length musical - Disney's ALICE IN WONDERLAND JR - scripted and scored for young performers.


Click here to download our Summer 2016 Registration Form

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